Dash Moodley

Multimedia Operations Specialist
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Helping clients with their digital media strategy since 2005

Me in 5 Sentences

Since I was a kid, I've liked clever advertising that connects with audiences in meaningful ways.

For a long time I made content. Then I got those messages seen. But I have learned that my true love is product. Knowing a product inside out and being able to apply that knowledge to help users by improving and enhancing their experience, enabling them to drive enterprise value.


My specific roles have varied from account to account and have included project management, account management, strategy development and practical production.

I co-founded a video production company in 2007 (Sixsem). I made eLearning resources for over 10,000 users. I lectured in Digital Media. And, most recently was the SME for an Ads Team based in Facebook.


MSc. Multimedia Science
Dublin City University
Grade: First Class Honours Master's Degree

BA Communication Studies
Dublin City University
Grade: First Class Honours Degree

Personal Skills

Self-starter, enjoys challenges, problem solver, organised, flexible,
fast learner, creative, team player,
well rounded, communicator, diligent,
cross-fuctional whiz

Tech Skills

Editor, Designer, Producer,
HTML, CSS, Javascript, Bootstrap,
SQL, Python (Basics), SEO, SMO, Wordpress, CMS, CRM


Facebook Ad Tools, Google Ad Tools, G Suit, Business Manager, CRM Tools, WMS Tools, Word, Zoho, Excel, CSV, Power Point, Keynote, Analytics, Google Search Console, Final Cut Studio, Adobe Creative Suite


Feeling a sense of achievement
Problem solving
Being creative and innovative
Solving for the user and business
Over delivering
Consistent learning and upskilling

I love to have an impact. I’m great at learning things. I love applying my knowledge to improve processes and usually that helps businesses and clients. Having the opportunity to learn and adapt those insights into helping real people achieve stuff, well, that would be cool!

Integrity is important. As is transparency. These are both values I possess. I’d like to work for a place that shares the same beliefs. Somewhere that puts user experience at the top, therefore ensuring success all round. And, working somewhere that makes beautiful stuff, that would be awesome too.

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Located in Dublin, Ireland

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